Artists statement

From wet clay on the wheel to hard ceramic after firing the journey a pot takes always inspires me.  My work has an alchemy both through it’s physical transformation and it’s design concept.

To start; a perfect simple thrown form, the fluidity of the soft clay controled and the proportions and ultimate character of the piece is defined.  Next; the ’perfect’ bowl is reconstructed, an origami of clay performed.  Cut, inverted, rejoined: cut, inverted, rejoined a rhythm of lines cascade from the rim creating movement and disrupting the internal and external volumes of the perfectly formed bowl.  Repeated cut lines in the limit become new curves within the form.  The method is calculated and must be performed with precision, yet, the outcome always surprises and the element of risk and chance remains.

I work within a set of self-imposed constraints, rules which I can challenge and stretch but whose structure continues to offer limitless possibilities.  In this I find an analogy with baroque music,  Bach or Telemann demonstrate a wealth of ingenuity, the latent possibilities in a regular rhythmic pattern, complex chords, based on mathematical formulae,  Creativity flourishes with a set of boundaries to challenge.

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