July 2008 - Residency at FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums, Fuping, China.

Ceramist David Jones and Tony Franks in consultation with Dr. Ichi Hsu of Fu-Le selected a group of artists to represent  British ceramics in the British Pavilion at FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums.

The British artists attending the residence July 2008 were:-

David JonesSandy BrownWendy Kershaw

Neil BrownswordSebastian BlackieSarah-Jane Selwood

Ingrid Murphy            Steve BuckSimon Ward

Jenny Beaven            Regina HeinzGwen Heaney

There were also artists from Belgium who were completing their residency.  The mix of British, Belgium and local Chinese artists, factory workers and visitors created a vibrant and inspirational work place.

Fule International Ceramic Museums is an exciting development for international ceramics.  It shows the best of world ceramics, each country exhibiting in an original gallery space.  Already one can see work by American, Australian, New Zealand, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Scandinavian artists (now in July 2008 also work by the Belgium, British and Spanish artists).  There is a tremendous wealth of ceramics to view. It is inspirational and admirable that one man Dr. Ichi Hsu, can have such a vision and such dedication to ceramics.  I enjoyed visiting the museums daily and found the opportunity to see so much international work fascinating.

The residency was an intensive period of creativity. The aim was to produce a group of pieces for exhibition in the British Pavilion within a month.   I finished with an exhibition of 20 large ceramic vessels. We were at work in the Studio from 8.00am until 10.00pm six days a week.  Materials and facilities were  different and challenged you to think of new solutions in your work, this proved beneficial to the development of my work.  The local clay and method of firing in the factory tunnel kiln suited my ideas and inspired a more simple approach to form.

I currently work part-time in my own studio where I have little opportunity for the exchange of ideas with other artists.  This residency firstly allowed me to concentrate full-time, solely on my ceramics and secondly, gave me the valuable experience of meeting and working beside other renowned artists.  The intensive period of studio work meant my ideas developed quickly and in new directions which I am now keen to pursue further.  Working with other artists, British, Belgium and Chinese gave opportunity for discussion, exchange of ideas and techniques and above all support and encouragement.  This is something that I have missed whilst working in my own studio in Scotland, communication and exchange of ideas is essential to an artist and benefits the work and the person tremendously.

My participation in this residency was supported by a grant from the Scottish Arts Council                           

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